Our Studio Policy

Thank you for choosing our Studio. Below you will find all the necessary information regarding our policies and procedures.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Option of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes long lessons are available. Lessons are scheduled once a week. When time is available, additional lessons can be added.

ATTENDANCE AND MAKE-UP LESSONS: Students are expected to arrive at their lesson on time. Minimum 24 hours notice must be provided if a lesson needs to be canceled or rescheduled. Last minute cancellations or no shows will be charged since time slots are pre-reserved; those fees cannot be deducted. Please understand that your lesson time is reserved for you and is dedicated to your learning. Exceptions are serious emergencies and or illnesses. We are very understanding that many of our students are kids and can get sick last minute.
Teachers will make every effort to keep to their schedule. In the event a teacher is unable to attend a scheduled lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled at another time agreed upon by both the student and the teacher. Similarly if a teacher is running late the student will be contacted and the time will be made up. If the lesson that a teacher misses cannot be made up, the amount paid for that lesson will not be forfeited. Please see more information regarding package deals in the Payment Section.

PAYMENT: After the introductory lesson, lessons must be purchased in groups of 4, 8, or 12. You can also include the first introductory lesson towards a package of lessons if you decide to purchase a package of lessons during the first lesson. As lessons progress, payment for the next package of lessons will be due on the last lesson of the previous package. For example if a student has purchased a package of 4 lessons for 60 minutes each, payment for the next package of lessons would be due on lesson 4 of the on going package of lessons. Payment will be accepted in the form of PayPal, Venmo, and Check payable to ESKAY’S MUSIC LESSONS unless otherwise directed by the Studio. Students who choose to pay by check are to give the check to their teacher. We do not accept post-dated checks or cash. The only exception where cash will be allowed is at the first lesson because the owner Sarah Khan attends the first lesson. A package of lessons does not have to be used consecutively meaning that you don’t have to finish the package exactly 4, 8 or 12 weeks after purchasing. Package of lessons are good for up to 1 year; after that they are no longer valid. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Sarah Khan. Splitting payment for a package of lessons is not allowed.

STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO THE TEACHER: Students are expected to prepare their lesson material to the best of their ability. To ensure optimum value of the lessons, the student will benefit from practicing between lessons.

TEACHER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO THE STUDENT: The teacher agrees to be prepared for each lesson and will provide appropriate materials (books, sheet music, etc.) for the lesson. The student will then pay the teacher for those materials or they may purchase recommended materials from their teachers themselves. If a student has a specific genre of music they wish to learn they can either request these materials from the teacher or purchase them on their own. Change of teacher requests will be honored as quickly as possible.

PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY: A parent/guardian/caretaker must be present at the lesson site for all students under the age of 18. In addition, the caretaker must be at least 18 years of age. A housekeeper does not count unless they are also the parent/guardian and or caretaker. If these rules are not followed at the time of the lesson the teacher will have to leave the premise and the parent/guardian/caretaker will be notified. This lesson will then be charged with the exception of a serious emergency.

INSTRUMENTS: Students are responsible for providing their own musical instruments. If you do not already have the instrument needed for your lessons, Eskay’s Music Lessons can recommend places where you can buy or rent an instrument.

CESSATION OF LESSONS: If students decide to withdraw from lessons at any time, whether for a brief period (3 or more weeks) or permanently, they agree to give 2 weeks written notice (with the exception of a serious emergency or serious illness). If you plan to cease taking lessons at the end of your package of lessons, please still give this 2 weeks notice.

If you decide to withdraw from lessons permanently once you have purchased a package of lessons, and you give your 2 weeks notice but don’t have any more lessons in your package you are financially responsible for those two lessons. The exception to this rule is the first lesson where you can just pay for that 1 lesson. This gives Sarah Khan and Eskay’s Music Lessons time to fill these now available slots and it’s only fair to our teachers so they can then plan accordingly.

Eskay’s Music Lessons reserves the right to dismiss any student from this studio for consistently inappropriate or disrespectful behavior towards our teachers and Sarah Khan from the student and or their parent/guardian/caretaker. Habitual violation of this studio policy and cancellations or repeated failure to pay on time also will result in the stopping of lessons. However Sarah Khan will make every attempt to remedy these situations with the student and/ or parent/guardian/caretaker before asking the student to leave. The unused portion of a package of lessons will be refunded. This is the only exception where a refund can be granted.

RECITALS: The Studio will hold recitals in the spring for students who wish to participate. These recitals are a great opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and skills to family and friends. In addition, performing live builds confidence and enthusiasm in the students.

LIABILITY: The Studio and Sarah Khan are not responsible for any legal issues between the teacher and the student.

Please contact Sarah Khan with any questions, concerns, or comments.