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Eskay answers common questions and concerns.

Why choose Eskay’s Music Lessons over another music school?2023-06-16T12:20:25-04:00

Sarah Khan started “Eskay’s Music Lessons” because she felt it was imperative to create a school that offered high quality “in-home lessons” to people of all ages. When Sarah was a child, she vividly remembers her in-home lessons being not only beneficial to her music career, but beneficial to her parents who didn’t need to drop her off or pick her up from a single location. Sarah’s lessons were conducted in the comfort of her own home, just like they are now offered at Eskay’s!

What age should I begin?2023-12-28T15:54:28-05:00

Eskay recommends the minimum ages for learning instruments. Young students need to have the physical development to play an instrument to be successful and enjoy playing. Starting age varies between instruments.

Piano: 4-6
Voice: 6+
Violin: 5+
Clarinet: 8+
Saxophone: 8+
Flute: 8+
Viola: 6+
Trombone: 8+
Trumpet: 8+

Do I need to have my own instrument?2023-06-06T19:19:27-04:00

You do need to have your own instrument, Eskay does not provide instruments for our students. if you need assistance in locating where to buy or rent an instrument, we are happy to give recommendations. Whether you wish to rent or buy it. It’s a very easy process and we give choices based on ones’ budget.

What levels do you teach?2023-06-16T12:22:29-04:00

Eskay’s proudly teaches students of all levels throughout our various lessons. Whether you are a new music student learning the basics or are looking for guidance as you prepare for an audition; Eskay’s has the right teacher and lessons for you!

Do you offer an introductory lesson?2023-06-16T12:24:22-04:00

We offer an introductory lesson where the student can pay for just that one lesson and then decide if they would like to continue. Eskay’s does not require that students sign up before the first lesson as they need to meet the teacher and determine if it is a good fit. For more information see our Studio Policy.

How do you pair students with teachers?2023-06-12T12:52:08-04:00

Students are matched with teachers after learning more about the student’s interests, goals and personality. Sarah will spend as much time on the phone with either the parent (if under 18) or student to learn as much about their interests and what they are looking to accomplish as a musician before recommending a teacher. At Eskay’s, we believe the most important thing when working one-on-one with a student is the chemistry between the student and teacher.

How do you select your teachers?2023-06-06T19:34:18-04:00

All of our teachers go through a very thorough interviewing process. They are asked to provide videos of them playing, demo lessons and go through background checks. All of our teachers have degrees in music from top colleges and conservatories. We look for enthusiastic, dynamic and passionate teachers with warm personalities who make learning music fun.

Do you offer music lessons for adults?2023-07-10T11:22:14-04:00

Yes we do! Many of our adult students played an instrument or studied music previously and recently had a desire to get back into it as a hobby. Other’s have always wanted to try music and have found a home with us at Eskay’s!

Will the teacher help me set up my device for virtual lessons?2023-06-06T19:35:45-04:00

Absolutely! Eskay’s teacher’s use Zoom exclusively so we can assist the student with how to download the application, how to join a call, and make sure your video & audio is setup properly. In addition to making sure the application is working correctly, our teachers can help guide you on where to setup for your virtual lesson. Ensuring you are in a quiet location with plenty of room to move freely will be paramount to your success!

Does Eskay’s offer any performance opportunities for their students?2023-06-16T12:31:25-04:00

Yes! Eskay’s is proud to offer a yearly performance opportunity for all our students in either May or June. This allows students to get experience performing so they can be better equipped for any opportunities they receive outside of Eskay’s.

Is there a long term contract involved with lessons?2023-06-16T12:33:32-04:00

No. If a student decides they no longer wish to take lessons with Eskay’s they are free to walk away. We kindly ask that students give us a two weeks notice if they are discontinuing with us. For more information please view our Studio Policy.

What forms of payment do you accept?2023-06-06T19:37:41-04:00

We accept: Venmo, Zelle and Paypal.

What if I would like to change teachers?2023-06-06T19:38:07-04:00

No problem! Contact Sarah Khan and she can arrange for a new teacher.

If I have any more questions, whom should I contact?2023-06-06T19:39:04-04:00

Please reach out to Sarah Khan at sarah@eskaysmusiclessons.com or by telephone at 516-415-1825.

Is it OK to take piano lessons on a keyboard?2023-06-16T12:50:08-04:00

Yes!  There is nothing wrong with starting piano lessons with a keyboard. Many times, students simply do not have the space in their home to fit a full sized piano, or do not wish to purchase one until they are positive they would like to continue with lessons. Sarah will assist you with finding the right keyboard to begin lessons. Ideally, you will want to make sure that before your first lesson, you already have a keyboard, and that it has 88 weighted keys. The weighted keys provide for a similar feel to an actual piano. While other keyboards have fewer (61) and unweighted keys, they can be used for younger students. Our teachers and Sarah are happy to guide you along your keyboard/piano purchasing process!

What Towns or Areas Do You Cover?2023-06-16T12:55:34-04:00

Eskay’s covers all of Long Island but mainly sees clients in the towns of of Syosset, Plainview, Jericho and the North Shore of Long Island. Our virtual lessons are offered to students all across the country but mainly feature students from other parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

How Long Have You Been in Business and What Is Your Background?2023-06-16T12:59:48-04:00

Eskay’s has been in business since August 2016! We are so proud to be coming up on our 7th anniversary serving students all across Long Island.

Sarah Khan started Eskay’s Music Lessons to inspire others through teaching music. As a trained pianist, violinist and vocalist, Sarah has a passion for teaching all styles of music to students of all ages and abilities.

As a native of Long Island and a graduate of New York University with a M.A. in Music Education, Sarah believes in the importance of being a nurturing teacher to encourage all students. She has successfully prepared students for high school, college and professional auditions and competitions such as NYSSMA.

Sarah has studied at The Julliard School, studied violin with a Juilliard graduate, and worked with numerous noteworthy vocal coaches, numerous bands, and as a solo performer/singer-songwriter. She released an EP titled “Seven” in 2008 and performed at venues in New York City and on Long Island. In 2018, Sarah released her sophomore Ep titled “Dust it Off”.

Contact Us For Music Lessons! Call 516 415 1825 or submit the form for more information!

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