Saxophone Lessons

From beginner to advanced, learn to play the saxophone in the comfort of your home.

Eskay's Music's saxophone lessons will teach you how to play saxophone for your school band or orchestra

The lure of the sax is its ability to create unique sounds, from the blues to soaring jazz. From a beginner to an advanced student, Eskay’s saxophone lessons teach students to play one of the youngest woodwind instruments. The saxophone is considered a woodwind even though it’s not made of wood! You’ll find the saxophone in school bands, marching bands, military bands, and even sax-only ensembles. Eskay’s Offers saxophone lessons to students starting at age 8. Our saxophone lessons begin with learning how to position your fingers on the instrument. Similarly, our teachers will show you how to develop your embouchure; which is the proper way the student shapes their mouth and lips around the mouthpiece of the instrument. Students will also learn various playing techniques, such as vibrato and articulation, while also learning different styles of music with the saxophone. Students will also learn how to read music.

Eskay’s can prepare your student for competitions such as NYSSMA and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Similarly, teachers can also assist students with their current material in their elementary, middle and high school band and can also prepare students for auditions such as college admissions. Our teachers are ready to assist students of all levels, from beginner to advanced! Call 516 415 1825 or contact Eskay’s Music Lessons to start learning today!


In-Home Saxophone Lessons

In-person lessons allow our students to gain the necessary one-on-one mentoring to begin their musical journey. Eskay’s proudly provides in-home lessons throughout Nassau County including the towns of Syosset, Jericho & Plainview. Teachers will come to your house on a weekly basis so you can learn the saxophone in the comfort of your own home! In person lessons are taught in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions, depending on the student’s prior saxophone experience. As the student familiarizes themselves with the saxophone and begins to learn the basic fundamentals, lessons can be extended to 45 or 60 minute sessions which will include more material.